Many of you have come to our website via Craigslist.  About two weeks ago, Craigslist stripped coding so links were no longer clickable.  If you know anyone who still goes on Craigslist and wants to click on links, have them try solution #1 below. Install Clickable Links as an extension on your Google Chrome browser.

Here's how to get Clickable Links on Craigslist.


1. Use Google Chrome as your web browser.    


    Google Chrome is available for Windows, Macs & Linux.  

    ( Download & Install Google Chrome )

Download Google Chrome



2.  Click on Google snapshot below to go to Google Chrome Web Store. 


Search for chrome extension clickable links


3. Click the Green Button " + FREE "


    When the Clickable Links webpage appears, click on the Green Tab: + FREE

    as shown by the Green Arrow below. 

Add Google Chrome extension: Clickable Links


4. Done.

Now when you go to Craigslist, all the links are clickable!

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