Florida Homestead Benefits

Sept. 30, 2013

Homestead Exemption and Closing Before December 31

It's October 1st and now is the time to plan your homestead exemption if  you are closing before December 31 and occupying the property as your primary residence. You have until end of February to apply for the Homestead, but procrastination can cost you money.

The Homestead Exemption has ...

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Dec. 22, 2012

FAQ: Florida Homestead Exemption & Amendment 10

What is Homestead Exemption?

Homestead Exemption is a constitutional guarantee that reduces the assessed value of residential property up to $25,000 for qualified permanent Florida residents.

When may a homeowner apply for homestead exemption?  

As soon as the homeowner occupies the residence as the legal owner and has ...

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Dec. 21, 2012

The Three Benefits of Florida's Homestead Protections

By Mark Martella, Esq.

     Most homeowners are familiar with the real estate tax benefits of claiming your home as your homestead in that you will get a tax exemption off of the assessed value of up to $50,000. There is also a 3% cap imposed on the ...

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